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Dave Dixon

              Congratulations,ive been running a couple of bitx radios for a while now,1 is version 3 and the others version 4. and like you am amazed at the results im getting,the only changes ive made are adding KD 8 CEC firmware on both and a blue lcd screen on 1 and a touch colour screen on the other.I sold my,k3 and k2 and am totally home brew now save a power supply,.So far ive worked 60 countries on 40 mtrs.and most days conditions prevailing into europe nothng spectacular, but pleased to take what comes out of the speaker ive only wire aerials here plus i live in an area of conservation.Dave G0 AYD QRZ.COM

And all thanks to Ashar Farnham..

also to Jack W8 TEE whose sentiments i totally agree with.
i keep talking to the newly licenced guys on 2 mtrs over here and tell them about the ubitx.

On Tue, 23 Oct 2018 at 15:06, Curt M. <Kc3hjp@...> wrote:
Hi guys, last month I finished up the build on my uBitx.  It's completely stock other than using some outboard filters.  I decided to humor myself and for one month exclusively use only the uBitx.  I have to say that I'm impressed with the results.

With just casually making contacts I made 61 between 40, 20 & 80m.  Those contacts were in 18 states plus Slovenia and Belgium.  Being that the last month has had a state QSO party or two every weekend that kind of increased the contact to state ratio but it gave me a lot of opportunities to make some contacts when I could fit it in.  At no point did I sit down and spent more than 15 minutes trying to make contacts.  I think had I sat through a QSO party or two for an extended period of time I could have done even better.  Also I did not make one contact by throwing out the QRP card, that made it even more of a challange.  I had a few contacts that I struggled with along the way but there were five times more immediately successful contacts than ones that I struggled with.

During this last month I also checked into a bunch of nets.  When checking into one net during their 73 round the net control operator asked me where I was located and what I was running becuase he said the band was in such bad shape that day that they didn't have as many check-in's.  He seemed to be impressed with how I was making it into his location on about 8 watts.  He closed down the net and all of the sudden people started throwing out my call sign to make contact with me.  I picked up about 4 new states in a few minutes that said I was making it into them with varying degrees of signal strength.  One guy said that I was about an S5 but I was 10 over at one point while talking to another guy before him.  So that was a lot of fun.

So my take-away from this last month is that if the uBitx was your only radio, even though it doesn't have fancy filters and all of the other stuff like a mainstream radio does, you can still have a lot of fun and make contacts.  I will say that I missed having AGC and although the pop when you key up is annoying, it's bearable.  Both can be fixed through various mods.

Last night I turned on my IC-7300 for the first time in a month and even though it's a great radio in it's class, making contacts with less power and not telling anyone what you are running unless they ask is really a lot of fun.  I see me getting use out of both radios but I was amazed at how well the uBitx performed at less than one tenth the power.


Curt M.

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