Re: Simple spur fix


Hi Joe,

I am not sure what you used to replace L5 and L7. I tried

Coilcraft air coil - terrible spurs worse than stock.
Shielded Coilcraft - much better and almost same as the stock
1206 size ferrite one - big loss of signal and power
1210 yellow one marked S+M - slight loss of signal and power (about 0.5W on 40)


Mine looks like this

I have ordered the assorted to check if it works the same as my China assorted pack.

Send me a pic of what you put to vu2zap @ and let me see what they are!
or whats app to number below.


At 23-10-18, you wrote:
Hi Raj, I Replaced L5 and L7 and by observing my waterfall on the panadapter I installed and comparing it to my commercial rig it seems like the receiver is not as sensitive as before. Even the circuit Iím feeding for A7 for signal streghtn is not hitting as expected on strong signal. Itís a !ittle weaker then before.

I bascially took the 45mhz 2nd filter that I added back out put a through hole 47ohm back in its place. I didnít have smd. Is also donít have any good test equipment so I canít tell you much but I was wondering, Raj if you noticing a slight loss in receive with the mod?


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