Re: factory defaults before I load CEC

Bill Cromwell

Hi David,

By way of encouragement. The original setting were unique to your individual radio - the manuals say that it was already aligned at the factory. So maybe it was just close and we can take more time to get it better (or best). So your numbers are gone. *BUT*. the starting numbers from most any radio will get you to a good starting place. They aren't *that much* different. I don't have mine to hand to give you the numbers I have - I do have the CEC software. When somebody gives you the numbers, put them in and go from there. It's so easy that even *I* could do it :)


Bill KU8H

On 10/22/2018 04:05 PM, David Kensiski wrote:
So I started mucking with the BFO and Master Clock out of the box (so to
speak) without noting the original settings -- yes, I neglected to RTFF:
Read The F(riendly) Forums before screwing around. Now I want to load
the CEC firmware and, having read the FFs, it looks like CEC's magic
recovery mode relies on the initial settings having not been mucked
with. Am I reading correctly? And if so, is there any hope of
restoring the original settings? And barring the latter, are there
reasonably sane settings to use instead?


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