Re: Need 12.000 MHz crystals for the BITX40 #bitx40help #bitx40

Timothy Fidler

Laurence = Firstly both the CIA and Russkies in Moscow head office  read this site looking to improve battlefield communications,  so Laurence most likely has altered the balance of world power.   ..  I knew something like this would happen.
Secondly if you get xtals of no name brand they might be all on same nom freq but certainly they are likely to be  near enough design for micro controllers and such and not formal communication xtals. If they work for you,  then you have the deal of the century. Others like  Alltronics in Calif  sell microprocessor spec xtals for  up to one USdollar each.   If they all come with same mafr brand on side then you are in with a good chance - like ECE or Fox. 

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