Re: Need 12.000 MHz crystals for the BITX40 #bitx40help #bitx40


Maybe no help, but here's a filter mod I've been playing with on the ubitx


On Friday, October 19, 2018, 6:49:31 PM PDT, Michael Trager <mtrager1@...> wrote:

The BITX40 I am building receives somewhat OK but the transmitters audio is terrible with distortion and/ narrow bandwidth.

I think I may have 1 or 2 bad 12.0 MHz crystals when I inject a signal thru the filter and look at the various nodes. I see
the strongest peak at around 11.997830 MHz.

The bandpass is only around  1,700 Hz at best (11.998800 to 11.997100)!

The crystals are from MEC and the letters / numbers on them are:   12.000 G
                                                                                                           MEC  AH6L1

Does anyone know of a suitable replacement in the USA for them?? Any special characteristics?

Thank you,


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