Re: Simple spur fix

iz oos

Are the values of L5 and L7 well calculated? The stock are 720nH, the Raj's are 680nH, but I get on software something like 530nH if the network has a 50 ohm input and a 500 ohm output. Another question is whether or not a different topology of toroids would give better results.

Il 16/ott/2018 05:59, "Raj vu2zap" <rajendrakumargg@...> ha scritto:
A close up sharp photo will help to check.

V3 or V4 ?


At 16/10/2018, you wrote:
>Hello All,
>I just finished implementing the 45 Mhz crystal filter fix with the 7:2 impedance matching transformer on the output of the crystal. Now I am hearing myself in the speaker when I transmit and I am seeing the carrier wave on the SA when I push the PTT on the mic.
>I not sure why the crystal filter mod would be related to these two issues. Anyone experience anything similar?

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