Re: Simpler spur fix


One of the first thing I tried was shielding. The PA, 30MHz LPF and 45MHz filter and even the
first BiDi amp. The whole effort made a little improvement but I was not satisfied.

I even tried soldering old IF transformer cans that I have a lot of...


At 16/10/2018, you wrote:
Maybe this is a stupid question but wouldn't it be possible to just shield the original toroids from electromagnetic influences?

I have a small copper cube made from plumbers Sheet copper in mind which could be connected to the ground on the underside.
Or is this just a little bit naïve?

I would actually give it a try myself - but as I do not have a spectrum analyzer, I would not be able to find out if it did help or not.

Of course changing them to SMD inductors is easier - but this way the high Q toroids could be preserved.

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