Re: Purchase of uBitx on hold until?

Mike Woods


The latest version of the uBITx is the v4, which doesn't have an audio chip at all (it has discrete transistors). 

The v4 board MAY have audio issues ... a small proportion of owners have experienced audio distortion.  There is a known fix for this issue and the fix is documented on  The audio also has a bit lower output than the v3 board.

You discuss the IMD issue, but this doesn't appear to affect most users in practice.   It may result in some splatter if you are over-driving the audio, but really can't be considered a major impediment to a purchaser. 

There are several other issues (see for a summary of pros and cons).

If you don't want to modify the board to fix issues that really matter (harmonics - the most substantial mod that is required), spurs (requires 3 parts), and to add an AGC (multiple parts) then I suggest you don't bother buying the kit.   You may have to wait a while to see a further upgrade from HF Signals though (if ever)! If you don't mind spending a bit of time having fun making these changes, then go for it!  Lots of us out there are having fun.



On 9/10/18 6:26 AM, Eliot Ricciardelli via Groups.Io wrote:
I am specifically referring to the current rev of the uBitx. Specifically - the audio chip issue and the IMD issue. You stated all of yours are in spec and didn't mention any component issues so I assume you have none. That is helpful, thank you.

Mike Woods

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