Re: Harmonics and Relay Replacement

Clark Martin

Per the Axicom and Virtual spec sheets, the Axicom draws about 20% more power.  That could mean a larger gap and thus lower contact to contact capacitance.

Clark Martin

On Oct 8, 2018, at 9:38 PM, Mike Doty via Groups.Io <mikedoty@...> wrote:

Looking at the 3 rigs I have I found two different brands of relays installed, Hongfa and Virtual.  Readingt the datasheets for both brands and the Axicom relays the only difference I can see in the specs presented is a difference in coil resistance.  Notably though, neither datasheet for the installed brands gives a spec for RF isolation which makes me wonder whether they are actually rated for RF usage.  The datasheet for the Axicom indicates -39dB at 100 MHz.  I can't think of any other explanation for the results I'm getting but, as I also said in an earlier post, these are MY results that I have passed along for consideration.  For me, I'm satisfied with what I'm seeing.

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