Re: uBitx First Contact

Skip Davis

Hi Daniel
Yes both RV2 and RV3 are 10k and they are also in parallel so to start with you will only measure half that if both wipers were set at the ground end.

Skip Davis, NC9O 

On Oct 8, 2018, at 12:51, Daniel <gonewiththeego@...> wrote:

Thanks a lot for the informations about setting the PA bias. That helps a lot since all the informations about setting the bias are taking in consideration measuring the current drawn by the whole board, from the power source. I never thought about measuring the current only in the PA unit. That's awesome to discover./// And about people who worked in producing the uBitx, people which are working in a different economy system, I didn't wanted to be mean or cruel. I just wanted to point this situation as it is. I DO respect what they accomplished and I DO enjoy playing with the board. /// And one more thing about RV2 and RV3. In the schematic are rated at 10K, each. It's true that I did not disconnect them from the board but I measured them individually and they are 2.1 kilo each, and I'm sure that I didn't measured middle pin, the wiper. Not 10k but 2.1k.

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