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Don - KM4UDX

Hello good people!  I have a bit of a problem on TX i think..

 I watch myself on a webSDR ( and I see echos of my PSK31.  At first I thought, weird, some is TXing at exactly the same time I am, and there are multipules of me, how weird...but then I figured out it was actually me. yeeks!!  And I did make a QSO...which was very exciting when it happens. But I was told initially that (and I quote)...

"Please be aware that you are transmitting echo at 5 additional frequencies and it is quite loud. It may be a problem of antenna. Also, take
a look at software such as Digital Master that helps a lot with all these macros and other bells and whistles for digital modes.BTU"

so I reduced power, and he then said that:

"M4UDX de KM4UAG now it looks more like usual BPSK signal, but echo still exists at +1khz, +2khz and at - at the same
distance. the bad is that the echo is as loud as the main transmission."

Is there anything else I can do?? Thanks for any help!


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