Re: uBitx Software Update

Curt M.

I have a few questions related to this topic of doing digital modes.

I you are running the WSPR mode with the KD8CEC software what power level do you set the radio to transmit at?  I’m not in front of my radio but I think when I went into that feature in the software I saw a dB level or something like that. Since I haven’t seen any documention on this feature as of yet I want to make sure I’m not going to burn out the IRF510s. I’d like to run about 200mW like I do with my WSPRflexi. 

On a similar note if you do FT8 with the uBitx is the stock setup with just the factory heat sinks able to handle doing FT8 at full power?  I get the feeling that maybe this wouldn’t be a good idea but I understand people are doing FT8 so I’m curious what technique people are using as far as output power goes when running FT8. 



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