Re: #bitx40 BITX40 Winlink configuration #bitx40

Gordon Gibby

Very good!

Although I am sort of distracted right now,  I made several WINLINKconnections with the uBitx and a nonresonant  sloper dipole with a tuner.  It’s not a lot of power, so you have to choose your stations and time of day carefully, night will usually work better than day, but it clearly works

The stock audio bandwith is a tiny bit narrow, so the 500 Hz modes may work a little better

On Oct 2, 2018, at 16:44, Daniel Crane <danjamitch@...> wrote:

For the record, here's what I have running winlink -
BitX40, stock 5W more or less
Pac Ant 20/40 trap dipole, inverted Vee on broken sailboard mast
Surface Pro/WIN10
Winlink Express
WINMOR on built in sound card
TRRS splitter, SPK & MIC cables with 10K series resistance
PTT via USB/UART adapter, RTS, signal conditioning by 2N2222, official transistor of BitX radio

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