uBitx Build Nearly Complete

Curt M.

Well guys, I have my uBitx v3 about where it's going to stay at least for the time being.  I still may do a few things to it but at this point I'm just enjoying operating with it.  Would like to get it on FTP one of these days but I still need to look into what I have to do for that to happen.  I've had 22 QSOs in the last week with it.  My furthest SSB Phone QSO has been to Belgium on 20m @ 3934 miles.  Not bad for QRP radio and a home built end fed wire 44' long and only 10' off the ground.  For now my IC-7300 has taken a back seat.

A few people have asked me where I got the knobs that I'm using.  They are both solid aluminum and this is where they came from:

Volume Knob:

VFO Knob:

They wanted to charge me $18 shipping for the VFO knob!  Being that the knob itself was already fairly expensive I emailed them and asked them if they had a more cost effective shipping option.  They got the shipping price down to about $7.95.  I was hoping that they would just put it in a bubble envelope for a couple of bucks.  I think that place is a machine shop and they didn't want to chance one of their parts getting damaged.  It's exactly what I was looking for.


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