Re: uBitx FT8 problem

John P

On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 06:50 AM, <slamer555@...> wrote:
Can you share your ubitx digimode interface cable schematic?
If my uBitX wasn't still in the box, I'd be glad to! I did build a simple audio + PTT interface for my BitX-40. The documentation is in the files section here.

What Tom said about setting the audio level is the right way to do it though.

Just for the record, the USB audio interface I'm using doesn't seem to want to pay attention to the level settings in Windows-7. Seems the only way I can set the levels properly is with the controls on DxCommander (which again, I'm using between WSJT and the radio [Yaesu FT-891]).

John - WA2FZW

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