Adding /modifying firmware. #firmware


Hi group,
I successfully added Nextion 2.4 screen to my uBit-x  using Dr. Lees  CEC software/firmware? version 1.097 (currently 1.1)'
I have had a lot of fun learning how to use it,  but still confused about the update process
Dr. Lee talks about 2 methods of uploading changes.  1) upload the arduino code directly to the radino, or 2)  Save the arduino code as a hex file and use the bootloader to load the hex file.
When I first set this up, I followed Dr Lee's instructions  on uploading the hex files and was successful.  Dr Lee seems to prefer this method as he goes into great detail on how to do it..
My question is, am I getting confused between firmware and software, are the two methods the same, or will everything be accomplished by uploading the latest  ino file.

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