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Bill Cromwell

The information I read says it is aligned at the factory and other information from HS Signals says that 'alignment' and 'calibration' are the same things. The expectation is that it works right out of the box which HF Signals also says. Mine worked right out of the box. As advertised. Touching up the 'calibration' or 'alignment' made it work 'more better'. I would guess at the factory they get it as close as they can as quick as they can and we can finish it when we get it.

But..again..mine worked right out of the box just as HF Signals said it would. Golden screwdrivers and diddle sticks universally always go the wrong way on the first try. If we don't know what we're doing and we do it anyway we get in trouble. That has been true since the beginning of radio more than two weeks ago (and maybe longer). On here we can help somebody who got lost to find their way. Most of the messages here try to do that.


Bill KU8H

On 09/26/2018 09:05 AM, M Garza wrote:
Doing a smoke test does not include setting the BFO!
No where on the site does it mention that the kit comes pre-calibrated.
The software is written to get the frequency close to being aligned.
Due to differences, some people have to calibrate.
As for the bias adjustment, if it was not transmitting, I would think it
might need to be reset. It is transmitting. RV1 probably needs to be
adjusted to get a little more drive.
There are alignment procedures for a reason. Don't assume that the kit
can be put together and you get instant use. It has to be aligned.
Even the high $$ equipment has alignment procedures.

Marco - KG5PRT

On Wed, Sep 26, 2018, 6:17 AM Timothy Fidler <engstr@...
<mailto:engstr@...>> wrote:

iz. don't confuse the poor bugg_r There is a procedure for set up .
he needs to follow the procedure to get optimum output in SSB. Now
you bring up a red herring. What I would find annoying is to see
that there appears to have been ZERO set up on the test bench in
India (he mentions it did not Rx as received either). You wonder if
it was even turned on to check for smoke leaks ??

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