Re: Current Draw & Power Output Question

iz oos

Why don't you measure the power and current draw in CW key down?

Il 26/set/2018 12:02, "Curt M." <Kc3hjp@...> ha scritto:
Thanks guys, I had sort of considered that the Bird 43 was probably not showing peak power being that it’s not capable of without the add on kit being done to the meter so that confirms my thoughts. Thanks 

I’m using a relatively new, Fluke meter that of course could have an issue but it jives with another meter that I have so I suspect it’s probably close enough. 

I may re-bias being that the uBitx was supposed to be in alignment when I received it and it was nowhere near being able to tune a signal when I first powered it up. I had to do the calibration and BFO adjustment before I could tune anything in. I suspect that it may have been skipped over when it came to factory setup. 

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