Current Draw & Power Output Question

Curt M.

Hello everyone, I’m just curious what kind of current draw I should be seeing?  Here are my readings:

166mA Idling
540mA Keyed w/no audio
1.02A with loud hello into the mic

The reason I ask this is that I put my radio into my Bird 43 and a 25w dummy load on the other side of the meter. I was using the lowest HF slug that I had which is 25w. On 40m it looked like my power was about 5w. I was thinking that I should see closer to 10w running the radio on 12v. 

I’ve made about 10 contacts all over the US so I know I’m getting out but I thought I should see more power out. Not sure if I need to do the tune procedure on the RV1 & RV2 or not?


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