Re: I find This Shorted Circuit on Raduino, here the pics..plz Help? #ubitx-help

sdr freak

First i should say very much thanks for all people who here helping me!

I can really say this because this is my only help station that i have, here in this forum!
So please let us make this horrible distaster making great again to an working and full function Ubitx v3 that i have and this is the only way for me to become an first QSO and i have no way to buy an transceiver because of money issue in conect with my healt is an real job not able for me to save up money for an yaesu or so ...
So its more than an fight for me to become this Ubitx in an way for i can use to receive and tranceive.. i must say this story again to show you my my sadness and desparation... And this desparation is horrible when never a real success is in near perspective to seen...

Ok i work everyday on this ubitx for finding new answer and i read online and show video on youtube and last weekend 3 HAM and me make an run to SOTA in the Thuringia Woods "großer Gleichberg" and here the picture were when i was searching for Receive at higher mountain and i would show you that i am really everytime search for new abilty to test...

That day i intalled CEC 1.08 and first Received many FT8 sounds at 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m... But no AM radio station was find,only my opinion say there can be an AM radio Station but the modulation was incompleate and but a few SSB station was like the same issue, i have heared Voice SSB but really not hearable in view like it should be.. it was not able to hear the Voice clearly and it looks like this issue that the BFO and or even more the more Master Calibration is here the thing what makes this issue that AM not really able to hear and SSB voice not really able to hear but and this say on HAM by looking at 7.074mhz FT8 signal and say there is an issue and say this can not be ok that at this Band the 7.074mhz FT8 signal is heared in LSB! And he think it was all versus in my Ubitx v3...

And that is the issue what i'am think too at today.. Can this be real that my whole bad Receive issue is coming from an bad and wrong Calibration (Master Calibration/Zero Beat/BFO) and this is the whole thing i have to correct? And this day was till today the best Receive Test i have had... But it is reall, sad when i say Receive to this what i have heared and the other 3 HAM friends on this day say there is an big Calibration or on pcb/bad ic issue but they all are only HAM with buying ready stuff and no one from they ever make homebrew or Calibration or any thing what looks like work under the case of an transceiver.. so they can not help me but have makr an contact for 5.oktober.2018 with the only HAM professionel here in town who make work at qrp project and homebrew for years..but till that day i don't want sit here an do nothing.. i think all here know what i mean whit this issue that i have ...

So now i can ask for new question... Here are few picture from my Ubitx and it show the inner construction to show you my version is built up.. here please look

To the Mamory Manager....  I'm use for upload the CEC1.08-2004P.hex file and i have download and make a look in the ubitx manager but never use for for calibration or any other point..because i found no answer online to use this MM with an setting or for factory set for my problem.. 

When the Calibration is the issue that i really think now,too. But i see ways for calibration with WWV(time signal) or with an Frequency Generator, but i don't have this tool. And the WWV timr signal at 10mhz would be not not confirmed by CEC software maker Ian... He say the MM with an Frequency Counter directly connected to the SI5351 and an simple calculator he used for find his correct Master Calibration... An Frequency Counter i don't have, too.

But the WWV signal at 10mhz i never received but i have receive a few few times short time, a few minute or only seconds sometimes, was received at 9.65mhz and 9.55mhz but never at 10.000mhz so its a point for wrong calibration i should have, too.

When i only find one way to set i was soo much thankfully, i can't describe how much luck this showing me..

Thank you for your picture, ok i see the pcb line yes and when you have v3 board too with fci then we have even a new way toghether to become this luck. When you say we have the same board, then is the simple thing when i make the same setting that you have in MM like same Master Calibration and other setted Values?!

Can you give me please an Screenshot of your value numbers in the MM?? that can be the allmighty breakthrough!

When you have an 2004paralell Lcd Display then it was even better when i can have your copy of saved MM file but i think you have an other display or not so?

Now i have new hope from this idea...

Best Regards Fabian !

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