Re: Bitx40 vs. uBitx

Jack, W8TEE


I have both and I can't really say there's a big difference. One position is save the $50, buy the BITX40, and spend that extra money to upgrade to the best antenna you can buy. On the other hand, check the bands out when there's a major contest on and you find some activity on all bands. Sometimes, I think thousands of us listen to the band, don't hear anyone, so we say "the bands dead" and we give up. If we all got on and tried a few CQ's before giving up, I'll bet we'd find the only reason the band is dead is because we didn't try. So, do you really want to throw all of your eggs into the 40M basket? Eventually, those dead bands are going to open up and you'll want to be part of it. I just hope I'm around to see it!

Jack, W8TEE

On Sunday, September 23, 2018, 11:06:40 AM EDT, Daniel <gonewiththeego@...> wrote:

Hey everyone! I have a uBitx for few days and I can say that it's awesome! it's my first and only HF transceiver. Yesterday I listened all across 10m to 80m with just few meters of copper wire as an antenna. I can say that was... radio silence almost all over except for the 40m band. Now that I can see 40m band as a quite crowded place, I'm wondering... is there any advantage of having a Bitx40 comparing to uBitx? Is the reception or the transmission of the smaller brother somehow better comparing to the other one, giving the fact that Bitx40 is focused for 40m band only? Because now I'm wondering maybe uBitx wasn't the right choice for me and I should opt out for Bitx40. If we speak only about 40m band, can we say that Bitx40 is better than uBitx or not ? Thanks, and I strongly appreciate any kind of information and comment.

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