Re: Amplifier chain design - best practices

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On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 02:58 PM, Jeff Omundson wrote:
It is a little hard that parts become obsolete and so the projects might be difficult to build as is. 

I have booth books and more even old copies of HamRadio, 73, CQ, Pop'tronics.  Its rare I
find a circuit that can't be built because the device usually a transistor or tube is unobtainium.
As a experimenter that's part of the game to figure out what part that is available might be
a good match.  For the most parts Diodes are easy, most transistors are not magic either.
I still pull down SSD and play with ideas.  Spice, rarely and I've driven that and many others,
then again I can drive sim or a slide rule its just numbers and if you don't understand what
their significance its data not information.

The rest of the parts are coils, caps, and resistors and they are fare from rare.  There may
be exceptions but they are far from the rule.  

True thing that ubitx would take people into parts of tech they would never have gone.
Playing with the user interface (raduino firmware) has been the big fun for me.  I was
shocked how few understand superhet radio being a near 90 years old and well
understood.  I suspect that from it being new to people that have never worked with it.
So they get to learn it and all the little things that go with it.


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