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Terence Taylor

Jack, I am also VERY interested in your board, when complete. Please add  me to the list.

On Wednesday, September 19, 2018 9:05 AM, F1BFU - Fr - 79 <gilles.f1bfu@...> wrote:

Hello Al & Jack

Very good project.
I'm interested.
Please add me also to buyer’s with TFT 7" option.
Paypal Invoice to gilles.f1bfu(at) (please replace (at) by @)
Very good stuff
73’s Gilles – F1BFU /FR

2018-09-18 2:04 GMT+02:00 Jack Purdum via Groups.Io <jjpurdum@...>:

As some of you know, Al Peter (AC8GY) and I have been working on a display replacement for the µBITX for quite some time. We have a preview video that gives an overview of the JackAl system. There are some software hiccups in the preview that should be fixed soon. We just sent Rev 4.0 off to the PCB fabricator which should be the final version of the board. All SMD's are on the board. JackAl makes use of either 5" or 7" 800x480 displays ($34-$44) using the Teensy 3.6 microcontroller ($30) and its companion audio board.($14) for the DSP. The Teensy has 1Mb of flash memory and 256K of SRAM, or which we are using less than 20% and 15%, respectively. We have also brought out a dozen "empty" pins for you to experiment with so, along with the I/O pins, there plenty of resources left to play with.

BTW, pay particular attention to the ALS Tuning it uses. It really makes it so much easier to zero in on a station. Details are in the video, but if questions remain, let us know.

Jack, W8TEE

Gilles - F1BFU/FR

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