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Timothy Fidler

Argh.. if I get one and want to make it 40/20 then I will be the guinea pig.... Never mind.

you could of course have gone  for a Mkars 80 in that case which is still a good rig and I think still made as a kit down from the gorse and tartin  in the home counties of the English Dogs .  It uses a huff and puff VFO stabiliser controlled by a PIC micro.

However you have to scratch build it and it costs slightly more however it is all through hole so it is easier to hack about.  Digital display of course.

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Sat, 15 Sep 2018 05:48:32 -0700
Re: [BITX20] bitx40 on 80

hi timothy

i am planning to make it mono band on 80 so no diode switch need thanks for info

i am in scotland

terry gm4dso

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