Re: Searching for IMD


Hi Ashhur,
I just built up a proto of both versions on vero board.

As a rough check of IP3, since I am not set up to do proper measurement of IP3, I found that the 'visible distortion' of the Hayward version occurs about 10dB higher than the uBITX version.  ie the point of clipping (negative side in this case)  
~-22dBm for uBITX
~ -13dBm for Hayward.   This would then imply IMD is better.

In my set-up I found gain to be similar and pretty flat. I used junk-box parts of mixed tolerances. I built only one side of the Bi-Amps.
uBITX:-   ~ 12dB gain, flat over the range 3-45MHz flat within 0.8dB
Hayward:- ~ 10db gain, flat over same range within 0.6db


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