uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.1 Release #ubitx

Ian Lee

Version 1.1 is the first major release since 1.097, I released it after a 50-day beta test.
(Version 1.08 also had a beta test period of about 50 days)

Version 1.1 includes all additions or improvements from 1.08 to 1.09, 1.093, 1.095, 1.097 
Version 1.1 changed version name only in Version 1.097 Beta.
You do not need to upgrade if you are using Version 1.097. This is the version with only the version number changed.

Major Changes

 - Support Nextion LCD, TJC LCD

 - Read & Backup uBITX, ADC Monitoring, ATT, IF-Shift and more on Nextion LCD (TJC LCD)

 - Factory Reset (Both Character LCD and Nextion LCD are applicable)

 - Support Signal Meter using ADC (A7 Port)

 - Supoort I2C Signal Meter

 - Spectrum

 - Band Scan

 - Memory Control on Nextion LCD (TJC LCD)

 - Speed Change CW-Option on Nextion LCD

 - Fixed Band Change Bug (Both Character LCD and Nextion LCD are applicable)

 - uBITX Manager removed the Encode and Decode buttons. The procedure has become a bit easier.

 - I2C Device Scan on uBITX Manager ( Both Character LCD and Nextion LCD are applicable)

 - Si5351 I2C Address can be changed

 - Recovery using QR-Code Data from Server

 - Nextion LCD and TJC LCD can display Spectrum and CW Decode (using Stand alone S-Meter)

 - Other Minor Bugs


Please refer to the link below for details.

Please download the related file from the link below.

Nextion LCD or TJC LCD's GUI is the same version as 1.097 (Beta) distribution.
If you are using a different GUI that is customized by great developers, you do not have to change it.

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