Re: Right-sided relay harmonic attempted fix for v3/4 ubitx

Gordon Gibby <ggibby@...>

Well... now ALL of them are sold.   Glad I counted them this morning in the car and they seem to all BE THERE.   I'll work on envelopes tomorrow morning and hopefully get them ALL in the mail.   

Then maybe order some more.

As folks BUILD this little mod, can you indicate how you installed it,  what the problems or tricks you discovered?    i sure hope people can figure out how to do it --- be sure to use the correct relay because these relays DO SEEM TO BE POLARIZED --- Maybe pay some attention that your relays actuall do work when installed!   If you flip a relay to the other side of the board --- YOU CHANGED THE ORIENTATION of the voltage applied to the coil --- and as I discovered the hard way, doing it incorrectly means they won't operate!    



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