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Hi Tom, Thanks for your info.....It may be a bad earth connection to the key socket, I'm reviewing the wiring, also a possible problem caused by the anodised alli front panel...Again, thanks for your help....73 Raymond

PS.. At the age of 81, My usual rigs involve Tubes😁

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Hi Raymond,

The best starting point probably would be to check the voltage on pin 2 (Blue wire) from the Raduino board to the key jack and make sure it goes to 5V when the key is open, to 0V when the key is closed. 

You could trace that back to the pin A6 (marked pin 10 on the schematic) on the Nano board and check the voltages there. Some recent post have had issues with solder connections, such as bridges. I the case I remember seeing the issue was with the rotary encoder not working, but it points to some issues are cropping up with the boards.

Also check the ground and Vcc voltages to the Raduino to make sure the power supply are proper.

Tom, wb6b

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