Re: Band scan & Spectrum not working with i2c standalone and CEC -Nextion display

Ian Lee


Sorry for my belated reply. 
I've been looking for some new topics these days. I was also a bit busy because I was in charge of new courses.
I think you have a fully equipped Standalone DSP Meter. 
I think you uploaded the firmware which ends in xxxx_NX.Hex. To detect a signal using I2C, you must use a file ending with xxx_NX_S.Hex.
It is also necessary to verify that the I2C line is properly connected.

If not, please mail me again.


2018년 9월 7일 (금) 오전 11:36, MD via Groups.Io <>님이 작성:

I have been having fun with the ubitx v4 using CEC's firmware and nextion display. My problem is I cannot get the bandscan or spectrum screens to work with the i2c standalone dspmeter addon. I have followed Ian's instructions to a t and no spectrum. The dsp screen, cw decode and s meter work great. I have recompiled the firmware source in the memory saving mode and full blown mode. I have redownloaded the hmi and recompiled it multiple times to no success. What could I be doing wrong?

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
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