Re: Grounding shematic for a Metal Chassis, which is the right way to wire up?

sdr freak

ok thank you!

would you life in germany, too? if yes, we should try to transmit with the vhf radio when you want it too?

ok by the way, in your post you mean the increased noise is a sign of ground loops.. ok something new i have learned by this.. very thankfully about these kind of knowledge!

when the ground loops you say, isn't the problem in ubitx by wire up the v1.9 shematic in a metal/aluminum case without extra ground cable to the case and less cable for the sleeves, how i should i understand the words in shematic v1.9 which says the things that makes me crazy.. there is written when use metal case then jack sleeves have ground at case an yellow wire isn't need any more and use thick black ground wire and and and..then big written 'be aware of ground loops'...

this is the problem i doesn't understand and how have you make your project by this, by the using of or not using these whole points sayes in shematic v1.9? you dont have a metal box only front is metal ?

hm here again the shematic v1.9 which i have to understand..,,,20,1,0,0

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