Re: Stone Soup


On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 11:09 AM, Lev likely copied:

4. RF transistors (BFS17P)
Yes, we could use something better than 2n3904's in places.
Though using buckets of $0.02 2n3904's/mmbt3904's (at lower gain where
appropriate) has a cost and stocking advantage.

If used right but they are not good at high currents.

The BFS17P  is a really weak device.  Max collector current of 25ma,
FT of 1.4ghz, 15V mac collector voltage.  Good enough for q90 only!

I suspect very few have an idea of how amplifiers in RF power chains work.

What missed is RF from the power amp has a path into the IF and that should
not be so tuned or filters are a bandaid.

If it were simple...


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