Re: Right-sided relay harmonic attempted fix for v3/4 ubitx

Gordon Gibby <ggibby@...>

Well, THAT didn't take long--  to sell out the five boards I had left over and 1 board already committed to someone mailing me a money order.......!

So I am putting in an order for 25 boards (big risk-taker here!) and they should be here in a week or so and I can refresh the Ebay item to provide some more.

With the SPUR fix being worked on successfully, this is starting to look more and more like a big success!   



From: <> on behalf of Gordon Gibby <ggibby@...>
Sent: Wednesday, September 5, 2018 11:46 AM
Subject: Re: [BITX20] Right-sided relay harmonic attempted fix for v3/4 ubitx

I have managed to create an Ebay listing for the external daughterboards for the right sided relays.   The above link may be some direct access that saves me a few pennies.   Other wise, the ebay item listing is here:

I am listing FIVE at the moment (another person has already indicated they are sending me a money order for a 6th) --- if you purchase multiple ones and I can figure that out I may be able to send you a check for a dollar or two refund since my costs will be lower.   If there is significant interest, I'll order more boards from China.   Again, all the construction, parts ordering and installation instructions are in the FILES section here and on github and I revised them today to improve them slightly. 

Good luck!   I'm delighted to see some possible solutions for the 'spur' issue also beginning to take shape.   

My next day 'off work" will probably be Friday at which point I can mail out any initial orders.   

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