Re: Ubitx V3 Please Help, ANTENNA Pins on PCB have SHORTED no Receive #ubitx #ubitx-help

sdr freak

Hello ! Hello ! Thank, very cool to meet a german HAM here !

Ok the Test QSO, was like an test Receive ..hahaha ..ok let me tell you the situation..

An other HAM from the same town helps there, we talk over VHF with mobile transceiver to manage this test..

When it starts, from about 500m near to my home QTH he was sending on 29.000Mhz and at the beginning i don´t hear anything..  (an other HAM has give the information he hear this test on 29.000 and so it was mostly correct Frequency, i would say..or better would think was it.. with the word "say it was 100% this frequency" it is a little bit "lifted up" when i don´t really see the other people sending on, but i hope he was correct.)

Then i adjust in the Raduino's Menu the "Calbration" and the "BFO" to look for the right Frequency nearly comes to 29.000Mhz and the NF Sound was not at least like an alien.(ok i don't have heard a real alien, but i would decribe it whit this imagination)

Whit this adjust i coming to a point, where i can say that was it was unacceptable to work with it. Ok you could hear the voice somewhat, but the problem was that the frequency was not right and the tuning was not successful anymore, so of course it does not make fun of it.

To be able to start something with the ubitx and be able to send, too much is still missing!
However, the transmitting should I address again here ... until now, it was just crap, but there must I be able to repair something else or?

I tested the first time to send(tx),.. and as soon as I plugged in the microphone and pressed ptt, it started as if there were a lot of clicks, but in a way like when a relay plays crazy and cracked it weird and followed in fast again and again these crack/clicks!!! (it sounds like a more difficult problem, what can it be??)
Ok..that went in the second almost 10 times or more so that I immediately after 1-2 seconds, the ptt button let go and the microphone pulled out again.
So this was the next problem and i think, this "tx-problem" was became an important look at next time when the receive works fine and have time for this station..., at the least must it should be receive for the first time, because for me the ground of the housing and the right grounded-circuit diagram and then receiving the first ssb stations...this was recommend in the first place. I do not count the test with the ssb reception of 500m distance. I would like to hear something with the ubitx from thousands of miles away. And I would like to transmit too, if it works, also around the world.

Yes a big construction site is the device what I got there ...

I would be glad again very much if somebody can help me!! Thanks!

best Regards Fabian, DO6FAB

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