Re: CW PTT attack time to slow #ubitx

Jim Sheldon

Everyone wanting better CW operation as Joop Stakenborg did and wanting to try the W0EB/W2CTX versions of the firmware.  They are located in the "Files" section of the TSW website at and I renamed the directories slightly to indicate that the programs work on original Raduino cards as well as our RadI2Cino cards.  They will also run just fine on the Raduino "Clone" card that's offered.  The programs labeled with I2C in their version# will only run on original Raduino's that have been modified to work with I2C displays or our RadI2Cino cards.  The others have slightly different CW routines in them but use the A6 and A7 lines for the Dot and Dash wires for the CW paddles.
Full PDF instruction manuals are included in each firmware version's zip file.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB
for the TSW team

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