Re: Grounding shematic for a Metal Chassis, which is the right way to wire up?

iz oos

I think the optimal solution is an entire metal case. I can talk only about what I did and my case is hybrid, it's metal except for the front and the back panels that are plastic. Why did I choose that? Simply it was nice, the right size and I had it some years taking dust. All connectors are mounted either on the front or on the back panel. I kept things as simple as possible, so the heatsinks are the originals and the board is mounted inside so I don't use the case for thermal cooling. Unless you are certain how to keep insulated the tabs of the finals (which have DC voltage if I am correct) I wouldn't mount the finals to the metal chassis. But that depends also on how you want to use the uBitx. If you use it for RTTY or digital modes, you might need a better cooling, drill holes on the chassis and/or add a vent. I mostly use SSB and CW and what I did was not optimal but adequate. In the case my finals would fail, I will spend 2 euros and half an hour to replace them.

Il 05/set/2018 12:15, "sdr freak" <sdrfreak55@...> ha scritto:
@ iz oos

ok, good to hear this, but a few more answer to the problem that i ask for was better ;D


i was talking about the heatsink from the IRF510, so i read it in this shematic uploaded here in forum, the v.1.9...

i have no picture or shematic for the grounding should be, that's what i ask for! my problem is that i doesn't have one! i need a couple of information about this whole things about, like grouding the metal case, what about avoid grounding loops and for important the wire up with the jacks and their sleeves in front of the grounded case.. these are my problems, when i say it shortly,... today i've tried to say it shortly

so please have anyone a few info about, please?

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