Re: Grounding shematic for a Metal Chassis, which is the right way to wire up?

iz oos

Fabian, no problem at all, your English is very good and you described your doubts very well. With 'book' I was a bit kidding on the length of the post. In any case you rised a good point. Grounding is important and sometimes critical and your doubts are the same doubts of other at least 100 users.

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On Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 05:01 AM, iz oos wrote:

Thanks for the book. Chapter 2 is very important. If you want to use the chassis you need to be sure you insulate the tabs from the chassis.

Thank you for your answer!

Well, does not post from a book, i have write my words and the things from the wire up shematic v1.9, is this not ok? does i make anything wrong whit dataprotect? please help there, i just thought to describe my problem it's ok to post this? Ok my english is not the best, but my opinion was i've described the question good as i can to read this from english speaking HAM or do you mean with book the large post i made or even that nobody can figure out whats about the question of the whole points i ask for??

thank you all for more ideas, i'm at the momemt in my custom room and work on the ubitx.. so there it is a good moment for further answers to that, which I can then implement immediately and can install or change.

Is it better to post some picture of my ubitx build? (i think always picture does not even say always the knowlegde which i can learn when read oder write here in forum.. but if you want pics, please say :-)

Regards Fabian, DO6FAB

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