Re: Stone Soup


Are we ignoring the possibility of using series LC traps to suck out some of the bugs
(bug traps...?),      8-)


No not ignoring them.  They are generally useless as the assumption is the
spur only happens here which is invalid, they are tunable  you tune they move.
For examplt the 10M spur for 28mhz its 17 and at 29.9999 its 15.0001
so if you are anywhere in between so is the spur somewhere in between.

reminder as it seems needed every 24 hours...

There are two issues:

Spurs that result from lack of filtering for bands over 20mhz.

Harmonics due to layout of the low pass filter switching for the 
80/40/20 meter bands.  (rewire the relays its fixed).

Since the topic is we are hams we do this stuff.  If you whine
about pulling relays and removing tracks to fix the filter issue
I offer no sympathy.  Do that or external filter, or nothing.


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