Re: stone soup ingredient list, what bands and modes are usable

Scott McDonald

Or maybe the website simply intends that under normal operating conditions, propagated signals don’t easily overload the radio.....which may be more true in some parts of the world than others.

I’m a mile and a half from a 50 kw AM station and with resonant antennas have not noticed a BCB problem on 80 thru 10 with the uBitx,  there are other radios here that do have issues in spots.  Just lucky, maybe.

Whether or not a new ham thinks a non-type accepted radio should perform as one, when the website say it doesn’t meet any specs, maybe says as much or more about how little we expect licensed operators to expect, know and understand, as the performance says about the radio.

My guess is a new ham would be a lot smarter, faster, if she has a uBitx and reads this reflector than if she spent the money on a 30 year old hamfest rig, which could be out of spec as it sits, or she could also operate out of spec, without the requisite knowledge.


Scott ka9p

On Sep 4, 2018, at 7:36 AM, Warren Allgyer <allgyer@...> wrote:

Once again Iz, that is the point. You know.... and I know, how to recognize receiver overload and what to do about it. "does not overload easily" is subjective..... but when I have one rig out of several dozen that does overload without external measures while none of the others do, then I would want to point out to those without that experience that the "does not overload easily" reference may be a bit of a stretch. 


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