Re: stone soup ingredient list, what bands and modes are usable

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regarding '''The front-end diode mixer followed by a Hayward/Kopski TIA makes this a crisp receiver that doesn’t overload easily." Simply untrue. Using this receiver 3 miles away from a 1450 KHz AM broadcast transmitter is impossible through 20 meters due to overload. No other radio I own, including homebrew SDRs has this issue.'''... 3 miles away are really few! The website on this is clear, it shows un understandable schematics and it is clear it has no bandpass filters that are common in the Softrock for instance. For not having them, the front end seems to me quite good. If you have issues with it you may find a solution adding some preselection. In this case a high pass filter or a high pass tuner may be fine. I know btw that some 7300 users are fond of... attenuators.... !!!!

Il 04/set/2018 13:23, "Warren Allgyer" <allgyer@...> ha scritto:

Gordon you have missed my point by focusing on what you call "disparagement". My "disparagement" is an attempt to inform those who expect to take the radio out of the box, connect it up and operate compliantly as is advertised. That is simply not going to happen.

If your IC-718 were presented in its brochure as being able to switch frequencies and bands five times per second then I would be calling that claim garbage as well. It is not represented that way.

Your "disparagement" is my "information". If you, in good conscience and with all you now know about the uBitx, can say you recommend it as a first or only rig to someone just starting in this hobby and without test equipment or the knowledge how to use it, then we indeed disagree. 

Similar charge for that advice. LOL. Have a great day!


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