Re: Grounding shematic for a Metal Chassis, which is the right way to wire up?

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Thanks for the book. Chapter 2 is very important. If you want to use the chassis you need to be sure you insulate the tabs from the chassis.

Il 04/set/2018 13:26, "sdr freak" <sdrfreak55@...> ha scritto:

First i want thank you for your fast answer :-) Ok i have a new question about this.. In the Wire Up Shematic v1.9 i read this:

1. "the Ubitx board should be grounded in a metal case or a common ground if using plastic case.."

2. "IRF510 tabs have DC voltage and SHOULD NOT be grounded to metal case"

3. "Rotary encoder, audio & keyer jack wires....If using metal case jack ground wires can be omitted.The SLEEVE is grounded to the case"   <-- how becomes the case ground and what's about the other jack, the mic/ptt jack and the volume switch? Means that if the GND wires from raduino/mainboard to the jack sleeves are not anymore conected when i have grounding my ubitx main board have contact if screwed together on the 4 holes with the aluminium bottom plate where it is mounted on?

And if it was my plan to make a other additional PTT-Button and Encoder-switch button, i've seen in the v1.9 shematic, how would I wire that if I put this on 'the thing with the previously mentioned sentence' in the context that "all jack are grounded over the housing"?

When the ground wires can be omitted then their must be ground on metal case.. <<---This i would realize whit a soldered cable direct from the 'black DC-input cable' which was mounted with a cableshoe
( say in germany "kabelschuhe") on the case with a nice brass screw. Is this right what i have say?

..and this would be my case-main-ground-port-connection-point, for other things like a back plate brass screw for ground the whole ubitx to my home, and for sure this is a must be when i was have outdoor ham sessions, so that I can ground the whole ubitx directly over the earth floor with for example a metal bar and i like to transmit with kite antenna, long wire antenna high in trees and when this doing, i read, there should be a main ground to the earth ground.

next was point 5. in den v1.9 wire up shematic, It is important to finally have clarity..ok look please here:

5. DC-power cable should be twisted.(yes i ve do this at begin of assemble ubitx with all cable) (but now this-->) The negative (Black) wire should be lager size!

On other website i have read and see this on few ubitx build's but i missing a wire up shematic which have directly draw all these or describe a little bit more information about this whole "Grounded Case Wire Up Shematic" (when i have enough knowledge about this, then my idea is to make this wire up plan..), i have no idea which cable diameter should be used for this "thicker, lager sized negative black dc-power cable.." Can someone help me with the necessary data of a diameter for this cable?

Which construction idea is the best for beginner? Only use a metal case and wire up the same like describe in the v1.7/1.9 wire up shematic here: and ignore the informations in the plan, like i see most metal cased ubitx pics where i never see the construction instructions with the thick black DC cable, the omission of the grounding cable at the Jack-Sleeves and encoder, grounding mount screw, just everything that I ask here wasn't see at the most picture of metal cased ubitx.. but why is wrote in the wire up instructions (v1.7-1.9) about all these important hints if then almost no one does this and still the normal wiring plan is made despite the metal box, because what I mean at all are yes then this ground loops of what is being warned ... I do not understand now..

ok last point here, warning for ' be careful of groundloops'...On another page I read that it has to do with the thick black DC cable and thus diminished, but not as it is now in the exact context with the rest of the history of the cable and the word ground loops does not tell me how to classify it in Regarding my questions about the individual points .. that would just be the point why it is so important to me to get help because I could not find it to understand. Thank you

Ok these are my question.

Ah yeah.. It is really an interesting and very demanding hobby we have.. or is it just me who is think this :D yae yae yae...hard long way to get this ubitx for rx/tx function..

I hope anyone can help me :)

Best Regards Fabian

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