Re: stone soup ingredient list, what bands and modes are usable

Warren Allgyer <allgyer@...>

Hi Joe

Your question illustrates the reason for my stone soup admonition.

There is no valid answer to your question without additional parameters being set that require precise measurement and monitoring. The table you ask for will be very different depending upon the power level used, the loudness of your voice and the resulting drive level on SSB, the voltage level applied to the PA, etc. The table constructed assuming a power level of 5 watts will be very different for one assuming 1.5 watts or, God forbid, 15 watts.

For those who want to experiment, find problems, devise solutions, and who are willing to defer air operations until they have ascertained their uBitx is compliant, it is a wonderful source of learning and fun in the true spirit of amateur radio. For those looking for a radio to simply package and put on the air as it stands, the uBitx is the antithesis of what ham radio should be.

There is plenty of room and their are plenty of options in our hobby for those who wish to simply operate, gather awards, rag chew, and contest. There are also many options for those who wish to build and experiment to hone their skills and to have a sense of pride and accomplishment for what they have built. The uBitx is ideal for the latter and a nightmare for the former. Neither group of amateurs, the appliance operator or the builder, are better or worse than the other and neither has the inside track on the hobby. But both need to understand what valid equipment choices are available to them.


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