Re: Stone Soup

ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...>

My position is its got bugs.  So what.

Fix the worst ones.  The low pass filter issue has several fixes.  

Spurs if you stay under 20mhz they are generally not a big deal.
So you didn't get 10M big deal, if you need it add a band pass filter
where the current 9 element low pass filter is. But you loose the
low bands if you don't figure out switching.  Figure it out ask questions.

Some of the other bugs are minor compared to those.

Bottom line its not a FT817, never will be.  Most cases its worth more
than the price of it.  Education is usually far more costly and not near
as much fun.  If you became a ham to learn more about electronics
and radio here you are.  Learn as you don't need my permission.


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