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Cheap, fun, accessible little radio projects like the bit x and the pixie, that get shat on all the time. even with all of their problems and lack of bells and whistles, (or more likely, because of them) are far more core to what amateur radio is and should be than even the most modest store bought radio.

"Out of the box" the ubitx does nothing illegal.  It does nothing, period. It's just a board.  Even putting it in a box and wiring it up stock buys you a lot more credence than going on the air with some more expensive toy, with which all you have accomplished is a consumer purchase.

I personally am unimpressed by someone's ability to choose and purchase nice stuff, and the pursuit of it doesn't make a hobby much more fun.  I see it on the water a lot too.  The miserable guy with a 40 foot yacht with radar masts and nuclear water makers doesn't ever seem to have nearly as much fun as the guy with the 22 foot sailboat with duct tape on his jib.

There was a time when cheap kit radios were a big boom for amateur radio and brought lots of fun and enjoyment and people. I read old articles as a youngster and they excited me.

But when I was a kid getting into radio it was a dark time, a time dominated by those I liked to call "big babies with their big CB's" if you couldn't buy the big  rigs, and half a million watt amps, you couldn't be on the air.

Personally I'd rather have all the noise on HD and dirty emissions coming from hundreds of ubitx radios than that small elite bunch of of old babies rag chewing on 80 about conspiracy theories and their latest colonoscopies and their expensive gear they bought. 

People are excited again, learning, having fun, there's nothing wrong with it.

This "garbage" is amateur radio reborn, and good riddance to the big overblown CB's, really. The appliance "niceties" grew so burdensome and covetous that they nearly killed off the hobby.

You don't need thousands of test gear to make the bit x compliant, you need a junk box, a soldering iron, a cheap Chinese lcr meter, and the arrl handbook page on filters. 

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,  no matter how dumb they may sound.

And that's my opinion.
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