Grounding shematic for a Metal Chassis, which is the right way to wire up?

sdr freak

Hello again HAM's !

I have an really important question for all HAM's here, who have their Ubitx in a metal housing or have the knowledge about the grounding options for this way i looking for..

It's like..I want to have my Ubitx in an aluminium chassis and ground everything to this like i see in athread here in forum(i hope its ok to post the pics here), perfect showing what i mean and what i search to understand this correct wire up, look here please:

this is my problem, and i see enough metal cased ubitx's but only few pics with this grounding.. and this is what i look for but i don't understand this whit the logic of the wire up v1.9 in this forum, look here:

also i want ask for a picture to wiring the grounding when use a metal chassis, because i doesn't unterstand the wire up shematic(v1.7;v1.8,v1.9) here in forum. because in all this wire up shematic, i read that it's the best to use metal chassis and but be careful of 'ground loops' and then the 'sleeves are grounded'...
so that is really dificult for me to understand this shematic what does it mean whit Ground Loops and so on..

and now i don't know what is the 'wire up shematic for metal chassis' and which cable should have to stay at the place when i wish to build a nice grounded ubitx, like a chassis which is grounded + have a grounding-screw at the backside plate to ground the whole ubitx at the main ground in my home, for any secure and on the other side a have a nice grounded chassis where all the things have their ground like 'mic/ptt-jack , keyer-jack , audio-jack, ,the encoder-button, the turning resistor for nf voulume,  possibly additional switches, antenna conection,..

ok i think you can be understand what i mean, i look for all things in the ubitx they are have ground connect, few things directly  to the raduino or the main board, and the raduino and the board + display are also this things which i doesn't understand to ground this when use metal chassis and i look for my idea to make all grounding to a main chassis-ground-screw..

Can anybody help me there, so that i don't make mistakes who destroy anthing in the ubitx..? Is there possibly anyone who have a ubitx in metall case and can say what he does in this obstacle. please don't laughing at me ...
(i'm really read for weeks and its not like a have not search for, but i'm really confused with this 'Grounding Chassis and make it Right' so now i must hope for all help of anybody who is know i feel whit this problem like ''why i'm don't understand..why? is it like,*t why does i find no way in this alone..'' .. it's like a war in me and feels like there is no way to get smarter.. but i would love to get this smartness, to understand this things mostly complete at my self alone.. but sometimes it shouldn't be..)

ok i don't make it any larger - i hope for help thanks!!

Best regards Fabian !

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