80 Meters Harmonics Fix Proposal

Howard Fidel

I previously mentioned that I would try to reduce the harmonics by changing the output to 25 ohms and adding a step up transformer to go back to 50 ohms for the output. This would allow tripling the values of the capacitors at the input and output of the filters, reducing the effect of the stray relay and layout capacitance. I experimented some more with a simulator, and decided just to change the filter characteristics so I could stay with 50 ohms. I was able to come up with a filter that doubles the capacitance. The improvement is not as great, but at least on 80 meters, the harmonics don't exceed -45 dB in my tests. Not as much margin as I would like, but legal. I changed the 3 inductors to 1.6 uH by adding 2 turns on each. I added an extra 1000 PF cap in parallel with the input and output caps, bringing the total to 2000 pF, and I added a 620 pF cap in parallel with the one of the two paralleled 1000 pF caps in the middle two sections for a total of 2620 pF there. (750 pF would have been better, but I didn't have them). I attached the simulation for the design. 
If someone with good test equipment could validate what I have done, it would be great to get more data points. 
After validation of 80 I will try the 40 meter band. My test equipment is not good enough for the higher bands.(My analyzer only works to 30 MHz). 


PS my Arduino problems were probably a ground loop. They seem to have gone away by moving some cables.

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