There is also the outstanding, yet related, issue with switching sidebands on CW (i.e. CWU to CWL or vice versa) with KD8CEC's code which I had 
previously documented. 

Try this on any commercial rig ....

Properly tune in a CW station and then switch to CWR or whatever the "other" CW sideband is called on your
rig ... you can still hear the station. That is the whole point. Switching back and forth doesn't alter your TX frequency it only changes the BFO/offset
so that you are listening on the other side of true Zero-beat (i.e. the other side of his carrier frequency).  This is a "trick" used by CW operators to avoid QRM as often
you can manage to avoid a loud station QRMing your QSO by just listening to your intended station on the opposite sideband. You should always be able to switch
back and forth without touching the tuning knob, assuming that you have the station tuned in properly. 

Currently when you switch sidebands on CW on the KD8CEC software both your TX and RX frequencies change so not only can you not hear the other
station you were working, he can't hear you anymore either !  

I would be nice if it was possible to submit bug requests again the KD8CEC software within GITHUB itself. GITHUB supports this but it seems that this
option is somehow not enabled for

There seems to be no "official" channels for reporting real bugs against this software so getting things fixed is a bit "hit or miss". 

Not to be totally negative, Ian has done some great stuff and he has responded to many of my suggestions and implemented features and fixes
that I suggested. The problem is that it seems that this list has way too much traffic for any one person to stay on top of everything discussed. 


Michael VE3WMB 

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