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Gordon. we have people with their extra that can't figure out how to connect the key to their radio (not just bitx radios, commercial too). How do you figure they're able to detect their band edges on USB and LSB? Yeah, it was on the test, but so many people cram for a test and forget everything the second they finish taking it.

Vince - K8ZW.

On 09/03/2018 09:07 AM, Gordon Gibby wrote:

of course you risk outof band transmissions if you aren't at least able
to recognize which WAY your sideband is going, and how close to the band
edge you are.....exactly the same is true of upper side band and lower
sideband voice opeeration.

We expect people with the General class or higher license class to
understand those sideband type pesky fact, it is a question
or two in the exam packet! and if you were to use FM...or AM....then
you have sidebands on BOTH if you're going to be a RADIO
amateur you need to understand just a bit about MODULATION.....

Cheers, my friend!


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If you are near the band edge you risk out of band transmissions

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You can do it the other way around, with the transmitter upset, but
then you have to be absolutely certain that the user knows that
their transmissions are offset from the dial number.

That’s not terrible, that’s exactly what happens when you’re doing
upper or lower sideband, and certainly when you’re doing pseudo CW
by injecting an pure audio sinewave signal into a single side band
system. FLDIGI will do that, and you can even rig it so your
computer shows your correct transmitting frequency

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Gotta offset, can't hear em on the carrier

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Found this video explaining CW Zero-beating. So based on this
explanation the following is illustrated

for 7.040.000: Dial displays 07.040.000, you transmit on
07.040.000, and the receive is offset by the

sidetone value.

Of course this is based on the video being correct.


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