Jim… I think you may have missed many of the positive features of the Nextion display… and in particular BECAUSE of that editor, anyone can move those, how did you call it… clutter?, things around… add and subtract easily to fit their needs without understanding and writing hundreds of lines of code like others implementations?.  That is a real BIG plus.  And… if the popularity of the Nextion keeps up, it will be no time before, feeling left out of the game, the “competition” follows suit with their own clone-ish display.  Now Ian’s code isn’t perfect, but it has brought us a lot of positive things… decent CAT control, usable “S” meter circuitry, IF shift for attenuation… etc.  And the memory manager.  Yeah at some point it makes sense for some real programmers to do a rewrite…


Dumping on Ian isn’t a good sales tactic given his base…



…_. _._

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