Arduino/Clock question

Howard Fidel

I replaced the Arduino Nano and the SI clock chip and got the uBitx running. I then noticed a short on 2 data lines to the relays. I cleared the short, but after that the i2c bus always is sending data to the SI chip, and I usually get no clocks out, although sometimes I get one or two but not three. I don't think the i2c bus should have data on it unless something changes, ie the band or tuning after initialization. My question is what could keep it in this mode continually outputting data? I don't understand the code well enough to figure this out. I see two locations on ubitx_si5351 that cause data to be sent, but I don't follow what initiates them. The tuning works, updating the display, which means the Arduino is running the main loop. I fear the Ardunio has again gone south, but I don't want to pull it out again unless i am sure.



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