Re: Ubitx V3 Please Help, ANTENNA Pins on PCB have SHORTED no Receive #ubitx #ubitx-help

sdr freak

On Sat, Aug 25, 2018 at 04:41 AM, Bill Cromwell wrote:
Hello Fabian,If you trace the circuit from the antenna it will lead you through several relay contacts to an inductor to ground. That is a piece of wire that wraps around and around with or without a core. Your meter uses direct current to measure resistance and continuity. Direct current sees any inductor as a plain old piece of wire - a short. So it sees that inductor to ground as a dead short. At RF frequencies however, it is NOT a short. Most - maybe all - radios will have this:)
Ok thank you, too now i am know this and i'm verry happy to know everything new from HAM and Radio technics.

So you should continue looking elsewhere for the problem.Have you completed the "alignment" steps? If the oscillators are far off frequency the radio will not work very well if at all.
I tried to set the BFO in the menu by display and the IRF510 (RVF2 + RFV3) current to measure and adjust with a screwdriver, but I still needed help. And I would have to adjust the Raduino on the knob (P2) but I would also need some tips for that.

Do you have a more experienced ham there who can help you?
Not really.. But today, later he say, a Ham would help me to test a few transmissions from him to me and i should say when receive..

Fabian, we all have or had different 'starting' places. It is not reasonable to assert that a kit is not for a beginner! At one time if hams did not make their own radios from scratch (not even a kit) they had no radio at all. The uBitx is not really so much of a kit. Building your own gear from scratch or from a kit is 'learning by total immersion'. Sometimes that method can seem frustrating but eventually we all get where we want to be. Just relax and enjoy the 'journey'. After you have finally sorted out the trouble and corrected it you will find it more satisfying than that Kenwood or Yaesu:) Those have their own rewards and can be an appropriate starting place for somebody else.I started out building radios from a pile of old junk harvested from dead radios. At times it was discouraging but in the end it doesn't seem to have hurt me:)
Sorry i unterstand and this is real you say. I didn't mean to say it was bad. I even collect a lot of bulky waste myself, such as radios and other electrical appliances and then solder them together and really like to make things. And doesn't want to be a "plug socket - amateur". So I have something to apologize for with the wrong wording.

And now about your English. Your English is very usable for a non native English user. I know only a few German words and not very much about the grammar or syntax. If I was suddenly transplanted to Germany I would experience 'total immersion' and would soon be speaking, reading, and writing German. It would sometimes seem frustrating but eventually I would fit right in :) For now your English is substantially better than my German.73,Bill KU8H
ok Thank you!

This was the text i have wrote for you..

Now are the question are:

-what i can do for better receive?
-what i should adjust at the points on the board: RVF2 + RVF3 and the other varable resistor near there?
-what software you think is the best for good receive, i would think of installing now the cec1.08?

ok this are my question at the momment..

thank you for helping me !

hope for answer, thanks

best regards Fabian, DO6FAB

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